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Chapter 2 – A New Life.

Kaylan’s dreams were awash with a riot of sounds, colours, thoughts and memories. Almost all of them were not hers, but she felt them seeping into her being, becoming one with her mind. After the initial flood, the incoming memories started to slow, become more focused, and she could feel a presence behind them. Mentally, she recoiled, then stopped herself, studying this other presence. There was no confusion coming from it, but rather amusement, and a deep underlying sadness. She could also feel it, no, him, studying her back.

“Well done,” He thought at her. “You didn’t panic. It took Terras several hours to figure out what was happening to him.”
“Jinx?” Kaylan thought back.
“Indeed,” He seemed pleased by her insight. “Don’t be too confused by all this. Time will make it make sense.”
“What is wrong Jinx? I can feel how sad you are.”
“I am mourning, of course. A host’s memories may live on inside me, but it is no substitute for losing a friend.”
“Oh.” Kaylan felt like a fool. Then she felt a sensation that made her think of laughter.
“Do not worry about it Kaylan. I will be fine.”
“What happened? To Terras I mean, if you don’t mind me asking.” Kaylan asked Jinx, suddenly uncertain.
“He was bitten by a Miclopean Plasma Flea, if you could believe it.” She could almost see Jinx shaking his head. “It broke down the bond shared between Trill and symbiont.”

Kaylan was speechless. To think that something so tiny could so profoundly affect the most powerful bond in the known universe was astounding.

She felt her body stirring.

“Time to wake up” Thought Jinx. “Take it easy for the rest of the day.”

Kaylan opened her eyes and looked around. She was lying in a room in Medical Three. It was a room with quite a nice view outside. Glancing around the room, she spotted a nurse approach the bed.

“Ah, good. You are awake. How do you feel? Any dizziness? Nausea? No? Good.” She said, all before Kaylan had a chance to reply. “Come on, up you get. No point in lazing around. The best thing for you now is to move around. Get used to the extra weight.”

Kaylan sat up on the bed, then stood, nearly falling over as soon as her weight was on her feet instead of the bed. Grasping on to the side of the bed, she tried again. Her centre of balance was definitely off, but then she was warned to expect this. Taking small steps, she walked around the room, occasionally reaching out to grab something nearby to help keep her balance. After a little while, she was feeling a bit more comfortable on her feet and the nurse gave her instructions to get ready, pointing out her clothes in a neat pile on a cabinet, then to go to the Caves of Mak’ala and report to a Guardian there to make sure Jinx was doing well. Kaylan assured the nurse that Jinx was fine, but the nurse just replied that it didn’t matter, and that it still had to be done.

Once she was dressed, she stepped out of her room, and down the hall to the elevator. Commanding it down to the ground floor, she waited for it to arrive, then walked out into the lobby.

“Welcome home Jinx,” Toram’s voice called. “Are you heading to the Caves?”
“Thanks Pezan. As always, it is good to be back on Trill.” Kaylan’s voice replied, although she herself didn’t say a word. “And yes, we are going to the caves, for our check up. Coming for a walk?”
“Sure, why not?” said Pezan through Toram.

As they headed to the doors, Kaylan thought “Ok, that felt odd. Almost like I wasn’t in control any more. Not sure if I liked that.”
“It may happen from time to time, but don’t worry about it.” Jinx replied. “I can say a few words, but that is about it. I could possibly push your body to do something if there was something seriously wrong, but only if you didn’t stop me, and you stopping me would be so much easier than me getting you to even scratch your nose. Oh, and this is something we don’t tell outsiders, ok?”

Kaylan felt a bit bemused, but agreed not to mention it to non-Trills. With Toram’s friendly banter in her ear, she walked across to the Caves of Mak’ala, and headed down into the dark, cool caverns where every symbiont comes to be Joined for the first time. As they walked down the steps, Jinx shared his memories of then with Kaylan. The cave was almost identical to now, and well over 200 years had passed since then. Even the Guardian looked nearly the same, when he stepped into view. A different Trill to the one that had presided all those years ago, but wearing the same style of clothing, and carrying himself with exactly the same manner. The Guardian looked up from the pools as Kaylan and Toram walked down the steps into the cavern.

“Hmmm,” he said, looking them over. “Jinx, and Pezan, if I’m not mistaken. Good morning. What can I do for you today?”
“Nothing for me. I was just accompanying Kaylan and Jinx here.” Said Toram, taking a seat on the bottom step and Kaylan stepped forward.
“I have just received the Jinx symbiont, and was told to come here for a check up.” Explained Kaylan.
“I see, I see,” muttered the Guardian, handing Kaylan a plain white robe. “Go and put that on, then climb into the pool.” He motioned in the direction of one of the pools of water.

Kaylan did as instructed, and soon found herself sitting neck deep in a pool of the rich liquids the symbionts lived it. She could feel other symbionts swimming around nearby, some of them brushing against her, as she reached out to stroke them. The Guardian disappeared for a minute, then came back carrying a small pack containing some kind of handheld scanner. Turning it on, he bade Kaylan stand up and started running the device over her abdomen. Twenty minutes later, Kaylan and Toram walked back out of the Caves, happy in the knowledge that Jinx was settling into Kaylan very well.

“Well, now that is done, the pair of you must decide where to go from here,” Toram said, just as they reached the Symbiosis Commission building. “This cannot be a decision you make alone, and you cannot allow Jinx to make it for you. The two of you are one being now, and will be for the rest of your life. Hopefully not the rest of yours, of course, Jinx. But the point is that you must learn to exist in harmony with each other. If one of you has problems with the other, it will sour everything you do. Trust me in this, I speak from experience. Pezan and his fourth host did not always see eye to eye as it were. On the other hand, Pezan and myself get along marvellously. I am his 24th host, and he wished to remain here, on Trill, to give the benefit of his years to you youngsters. I certainly had no desire to go gallivanting off around the galaxy, and always preferred working on the ground, so here we are.” Toram made a wide gesture with his arms, as though encompassing the Commission building and surrounding area, and gave Kaylan a smile. “Well, we can’t stand around chatting all day, we have work to do. Go home, go for a walk. Find someplace quiet and decide for yourselves what you want to do with your life. Then take a few days off, go and visit your family Kaylan. Come and see us here in three days time, and we will help you get started on your future. Good luck, and farewell for now.” Toram turned and walked up the stairs to the building, giving Kaylan a quick wave as he stepped through the doors.

“Do you enjoy flying Jinx?” asked Kaylan silently, as they turned away from the building.
“I have always enjoyed my time in space, if that is what you are referring to” came the reply.
“Not exactly. Let’s see what you think.”