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11-25-2011, 12:00 PM
Originally Posted by lazerx24
I guess the legate's (which is a Cardassian admiral on screen) has been sitting behind the desk too long getting fat.
Yup, there is a reason why Kirk was thrilled that he was "demoted" to captain. He was considerate enough to share his advice with Picard, but Picard failed to pass on that advice to Janeway.

"The Borg, the Son'a, the Romulans. How come you get all the easy assingments?"

And yes, you are correct that Legates are Cardassian Admirals and Guls are the Captains and Colonels. I am not sure if the Glinns are Lt. Commanders or Commanders. WHen first introduced in "The Wounded" (TNG), they seemed to be Lieutenants. In DS9, they seemed to be Lt. Commanders.