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when Federation Diplomacy was introduced into the game over a year ago, there was an outcry by the Klingon community.
Content had been released that was only available to one side and no equivalent for the other was either provided or even in sight.
We were told that we would get such a counterpart:

Marauding however is only available as DOFF missions.
And it is the counterpart to the Federation Diplomacy DOFF missions.

So now the Federation has the FDC non-DOFF-missions and additionally the Diplomacy DOFF missions.

My question to the community now that the DOFF system approaches its release on holodeck:

is a DOFF mission type an actual counterpart to both DOFF- and non-DOFF-missions at the same time?
(for me the answer is no)

My question to the Devs is:

in the upcoming, planned to be planned to be actually done one day "Klingon revamp", will there be non-DOFF Marauding missions so we will receive an actual counterweight to the Federation Diplomatic missions?