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11-26-2011, 08:09 AM
1 dbb, 3 dhc fore... as much acc as possible

2 turrets 1 array aft... as much acc as possible.

2 tactical teams, target engines2, crf1, target shields3, apo1, crf3

epts1, rsp1......he1, tss2.

carry aux and weapons batts. 3/4 borg and a high cap shield of your favor. max out weapons with the usual consoles.

dogfighting is more about piloting than your build. you need apo1 to be mostly defensive, which it mostly is. and some will tell you the trick to 1v1 escort battles is all in the timing and duration of go down fighting. to max your go down fighting duration / max your prime arc time on target and have an opportunity to stack it with your other attack buffs you have to hull tank down to a pretty slim margin, and harden (not heal) your hull. use brace for impact to accomplish this, or swap out the HE1 mentioned above for PH1.

that will leave you with no hull heal, and that is a bit sketchy. BFI works wonders when its timed right. and aux batt + HE1 + TSS2 = you are really tough, and the cooldowns pair nicely with batt cooldowns. 1 on 1 off. you should be popping batts like candy, everytime they pop up.

setup and time the spike between your targets tactical teams.

now get out there and find a combo that works for you.

have fun kill bad guys.