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# 26 Again and again
11-26-2011, 10:11 AM
This is not the first time this happens to me. Actually it has happened a lot of times. Sometimes I could fix it by replacing the launcher and sometimes not. The last time I was unable to play for a hole month, emitting tickets and being fobbed off by tech support. Sudenly it just fixed itself. Now its not working again. It is really annoying, isn't it? I've researched a lot on this last month, and discovered that sometimes it also happens to Champions Online players. It seems to have something to do with when Cryptic makes security maintance on their servers, than some players just stop having access to the servers. That's what you get for being a loyal subscriber since launch... Come on Cryptic, fix this once and for all!

Edit: Replacing the launcher for one from a fresh install worked for me this time. But I was stupid because I forgot to backup the fresh install launcher for the next time it happens. So here goes a hint: if have this problem frequently like me, keep a copy of the original launcher for use when necessary!