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11-26-2011, 03:16 PM
Originally Posted by Zeuxidemus
The great thing about this "grand revival" is that there is no eta on it, no details on what it will have or be, and pretty much no information on it from before I ever started playing STO or the KDF side which has been almost 10 months now. The revamp for the KDF is more like a bigfoot sighting than a future update. OH LOOK ITS NEW KLINGON CONTENT, oh wait sorry man on accident I was at Pi Canis and hit the F key on habit and I forgot I wiped the dust off of my monitor and it looked new for a second. I think thats as close as new content as we are gonna get by cleaning out monitors.
It does feel that way.
though we have gotten reassurances from the Devs that it is being created. Stormshade was quite passionette about it at one point.

The Luxury of a lifer sub is I can wait and see and it costs me nothing.
If nothing arrives I move on but return to play the FE's if bored.