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11-26-2011, 04:01 PM
I love my toons and BOFFs. That probably accounts for 75% of where my comments come from. A RL starship would ROCK -- flying one in game is... okay. I just like my toons better.

I've played 'swamp of Gron Rangers' many times because it's one of the missions I like BETTER. No hate for folks who feel the opposite way.

The missions I never want to play again are any mission that nerfs my impulse speed and requires me to CRAWL along in my ship. Not saying I want these gone or never want to play another. They can add a lot of fun suspense the first time through -- they just have less replay value for mepersonally.

Everyone has different missions they are going to want to skip.

FE missions are the ONLY missions that should require you to play them in order (#1 - #5 within the series) and ONLY on the first play through for each toon.

The chain was kind of fixed with the Skip button (Skip button in regards to UI was SPOT ON -- big thumbs up for whoever added this button )

But then this fix was nerfed by putting level requirements back in

While certain series (Klingon, Romulan, etc) are still locked -- actually I have not unlocked anything beyond the first FE on any of my (all new) tribble toons because I was mostly leveling them with DOFF and they are maxed now.

Why not go back to having the FE indipendent (not tied into the middle) of the 'regular' series episodes? Were the FE even ever supposed to go in those spots or wernt the FE supposed to stand apart from the 'regular' storyline anyway?

Move FE to their own tab.
Allow free skipping through all of each 'regular' series.
Have Klingon/Federation series unlock after tutorial.
Unlock next series (Romulan IIRC?) unlock around level 6
Next series (Cardasian IIRC?) unlock around level 11
Next series unlock around level 16, etc

This would be ideal for moving through the 'regular' episodes IMHO.