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11-26-2011, 11:22 PM
Originally Posted by hevach View Post
Seriously, weeks after they neutered the progression system people are still complaining? I skipped from Doomsday right up to the last Undine mission on my original tribble character who hit VA in the second half of the Klingon front and did nothing but doff stuff since. By any reasonable definition, there is no forced progression now.
My point is, why did they go through this "extra step" of allowing skipping instead of just reverting to the old build which essentially does the same thing. It seems like a waste of resources to first develop the linear system followed by another waste of resources to add in a "skip" function. So, their answer to the first system which we pointed out was bad, and they acknowledged as bad, was to sink more time and money into it instead of scrapping it.

There in lies the whole issue. A refusal to just call something bad, revert and move on. Stubborness will just waste everyone's time and money.