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# 1 VA but no ship token
11-27-2011, 04:36 AM

So, I just hit VA last night. I just started playing about a month ago. This is my first toon.

I was really looking forward to hitting VA to get my token and get my new ship. However, I reached VA, but can't seem to get my new ship.

I have the Promotion Admiral quest and it says to go to Lt. Laurel for my new ship. It shows I have 1 plaque, which I'm assuming is my token.

But, when I try to get my ship, it says I need 500 Emblems.

Everyone in Zone chat was saying I should just be able to go to her and get my new ship. The quest seems stuck as it won't proceed. I can't drop it either - the option is greyed out.

Admiral Quinn won't talk to me now either... he did at first telling me to go speak with the Lt.

Also, I was told at ever new rank you get a free respec. Is this true to? I have never respeced, but would like to. However, when I go to the respec person, it says I have to buy a respec. I'm pretty sure Quinn also said I earned a free respec. I may have misread that though.

Any advice? I did file a ticket as others told me to do saying I must be bugged. But no one was sure why.

Thanks for any advice