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11-27-2011, 06:15 AM
Originally Posted by Rivyn13
its an interesting idea, and one i would like to see put into effect, giving players the ability to upgrade the entire ship as they go along. to me, it just seems to make a ship a player likes 'their own,' instead of one thats handed to you becuase its better then the previous tier. however, to give an additional slots in the eng/tac/sci, you would need to further upgrade the ships weapon slots, hull, engine, ect ect ect. it would need some kinda overhaul.
I agree whole heartedly. Players should definitely be able to choose a ship they like and keep it viable for the entire game. Sure there should be some benefit for upgrading, but it should be a plus from the norm tht would be established for all of the ships. That's why the ship crafting idea sounds good to me, perhaps they could find a way for the players to upgrade their ships (of any tier) to be better. Craft a new weapon slot, or a BO station.

Would be a nice idea.