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11-27-2011, 08:27 AM
Originally Posted by Enterprise-D View Post
The server might handle the queue just fine, but the client also needs to work in the queue scenario.
One issue they had in DCU was that in some cases the client wouldn't go into queue mode and make the client freeze on loading screen or that the server took too long to give an update regarding the queue so that the client terminated the connection due to time out and thought it had been disconnected.

Hammering the server with simulated logins is one way of testing it, but nothing beats the same amount of logins from real players that gets frustrated at ending up at # 1000 or think that they are stuck so they log out and back in again several times to get to a lower # that will generate allot more stress on the login queue than simulated ones.
Simulated logins fill up the queue, at which point you can use real logins that you own to test out how the client handles it. So while your real clients are in the queue, you kill the simulated logins (ie the player hit 'x' to quit the game, leaving the queue). Queue decreases, you get in the game, and full test is complete. Relogging multiple times randomly with simulated logins + some more test clients can be tested as well. Still doesn't take longer than 20 minutes.

I did system testing for a couple years, if done properly, it's very easy to simulate real conditions, and generally that's what you always should do before deploying any software/system.