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11-27-2011, 09:45 AM
Originally Posted by Nagorak View Post
They wanted to make it clear what order the missions were supposed to be played in. It was kind of awkward in the old system because the accept dialogue for some missions would reveal the outcome of a mission you hadn't completed yet.
This and with DS9 and Orellius intended as the VA hub, ordering events becomes more essential. Gamma Orionis is now the RA leveling area and DS9/Orellius is being setup as the endgame area with endgame content that is a sequel to the Deferi series.

They're trying to position everyone at the same point in the timeline by level.

I still want to see one of these games outright treat your level as the calendar date. IMHO, instead of rank, ranks should have been optional unlocks and player level should have been the year.

So that Ensign becomes, say, 2406.0 and 2406.5. Lt. becomes 2407.1-10, etc. You get the title unlocks as options as you progress but level, IMHO, should be year.

I'd also be tempted to make the Guardian of Forever into one mission replay hub and maybe also give the option to play the slingshot game to transport back to any mission from the Sol or Qo'noS systems.