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11-27-2011, 11:25 AM
Pardon for the misunderstanding.

As STO is now, I think its very possible for Cryptic to implement such an idea.

To me, one idea is that while inside your ship, you choose a location (similar to the Planetary List on the Map), then you choose the speed you wish to travel at. Then the Cryptic's system determines the time it would take for you to travel to that location. So when you hit ENGAGE, the clock starts counting down.

Of course, you really wouldn't be leaving your ship's interior, but you get the illusion of being at Warp Speed. The Dev Team would have to add star streeks outside the window while at warp and changing the view screen to be more dynamic.

The only downfall is that you wouldn't be shown in Sector Space and thus inable to socialize outside of those you invited on your ship. But on the other end, you can go AFK to attend to business while your ship is traveling through the Galaxy. And at the same time Cryptic gets a type of seamless Sector until they actually find a way to implement it for normal Sector Travel.