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# 7 All non-canon no thanks
11-27-2011, 07:43 PM
The "Tier 6" ship seems like a bad idea to me. The last thing I want as an endgame player is to have to switch over to some non-canon ship like the Enterprise F just to be competitive. I'm also not at all interested in switching over to running a task force with one Tier 6 and a bunch of tier 1-5's. No thanks.

What would be good for "Tier 6" is improved flexability and officer slots. As someone who likes escorts I never get to play with the tier 3 and 4 engineering bridge officer abilities. I'd love it if the bridge officer abilities were scalable with the ships. If going from tier 5 to tier 6 let me add some consoles to my Promethius class and maybe tweak her a bit, that would be worth something.

Make me trade her in for some fan designed Enterprise F and a bunch of space pets and I'll start looking to trade in Star Trek for Knights of the Old Republic.