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11-28-2011, 02:09 AM
For dog fighting on KDF side I would recommend a BoP... Most of these setups not all but most would give you more beneficial power to survive and pick and choose your battles. Pretty much the only thing you lose is one turret in the back. Just have to give yourself EPS and as much resistance as you can for engineering consoles, then the borg console/halon for science, and then whatever floats your boat for tactical ones. Plus the b'rel lets you pre buff a lot of things a raptor won't let you do when you are cloaked. Another positive note on how you can keep yourself alive now that b'rel has a lot of fixes to it. When you are going to use the battle cloak to egress out of battle, hit your brace for impact, and skills such as hazard emitters so that you are getting a high damage resistance plus heals while they fire their last spitballs at you. Like my tact that uses this setup he has it setup with huge defense so its pretty much at maximum or over max so he doesn't take much damage when recloaking if he does take any its healed up after a few seconds of being recloaked.