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11-28-2011, 09:01 AM
Originally Posted by derfelgangrel View Post
I've just made rear admiral lower and really really dont want to give up the defiant tactical escort , I'm curious if I can skip a new ship and keep using the defiant ..or will that result in me getting extreemly dead extreemly quickly?

i'd use the promethus escorts but I hate the way they look (yeah im a prat) and the cruiser's are just so sluggish and terrible to turn I cant really face it ..

also how hard is it to get the defiant refit when I hit v-admiral?

any suggestions?
If you hit VA before the F2P changes then you should be able to get the Defiant R with your VA ship token, after F2P the only way to get a Defiant R will be through CStore purchase (either through buying points or trading Dilithium but that'll take some time). If you don't want to buy from the store then you'll want to level as quickly as possible because the F2P build is due to be released to Holodeck between this Thursday and next.

Regarding using the T4 Defiant at VA then you shouldn't have a problem; a T2 ship is easily capable of getting through most PvE at VA so a T4 Defiant won't have any trouble.