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11-28-2011, 01:14 PM
We should not have to pay cryptic points for everything. Even more now that that there will be two type of membership. Gold and Silver. Gold should be getting more for their buck and should not have to pay into the cstore as much.

I'd like to see the slots be like around 100 or more and have the option of having tabs to separate things.

I get that they want to control it, but not everyone is going to fill the cap all the time. Increasing it would be good if you are having a good day when it comes to dilithium.

The unlimited respecs would be nice as we have paid into the game. Every chance they get, they want us to buy from the cstore. They should give us something more. We lost our merits. I would be happy if they used EC or dilithium but keep the cp out of the equation.