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11-28-2011, 04:56 PM
And thus our existing concerns are???????

I am sorry, but there are many concerns we have that remain ignored some movement has been made on some issues, however. I think there does need to be some dev-player discussion about what you guys can live with and what we will continue paying for.

You know a resolution is successful when both parties are not the happiest with the solution but can live with it.

I still don't think this build is ready given the concerns the playerbas has:
  • Dilithium tax and loss on conversion
  • Additional currencies replacing older ones
  • Exploration is in a shambles and now useless to do more than three missions in, not to mention aid missions.
  • What happened to DSEs? Are they getting a facelift?
  • Illogical placement of the FEs in the interwoven story.
  • Finalizing the mission veteran rewards
  • The utter wreck that the meager crafting system is now in.
  • Still the lack of anything additional to do on the Klingon side.
  • The additional burden of carrying the new currencies in our inventories.
  • The removal of ship interior functionality (at least half of it...yes we can say that).

Those are just off the top of my head. What are the "plans" for these?