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11-28-2011, 07:05 PM
Originally Posted by Curs0r View Post
Apparently they didn't have an issue with being able to hit cap in a day, just with the obtaining of gear.
You can hit the cap in a day and a pack of redbull with most games. Gear and shinies are what take weeks.

Still, I'd reiterate what I've said before about not tying rank to level because that only intensifies the perceptual problems with a rapid ascent from Ensign to Admiral.

Really, I'd prefer it if we spent the tutorial as Commander and the game was Captain 1-50, with Admiral pips and titles being an optional unlock at high levels. Or if they made Captain 1 - VA 1 into Captain 1-21 and just made the admiral titles and pips cosmetic unlocks you get at Captain 11, 16, and 21.