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11-28-2011, 07:30 PM
Originally Posted by Marctraider View Post
I really have to see this with my own eyes. They do not seem totally willing to give users more options on higher tiers with ... for instance the new lower tier raptor. The skin isnt even available on the Tier 5 raptor, and then I ask myself. Why?

Same goes for the BoP's and stuff. I know they are the same ship types, they might be different 'classes' but a BoP is a BoP imo. Unless they deviate too much from a BoP model why not letting them be used on Tier 5 ships.

Stupid Cryptic.
Except you're wrong. The T4 Venture skin is usable on the T5 Exploration Cruiser Retrofit. The T4 Belerophon skin is usable on the T5 Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit. The T4 Vor'kang skin is usable on the T5 Vor'cha Refit.

The T4 Raptor skin isn't usable on any T5 Raptors because there's no Pach Raptor Refit/Retrofit. The T5 Raptor is a *completely different class*. I don't understand why anyone would think it would be usable on a T5 raptor since there isn't an upgraded T5 Pach currently.