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11-28-2011, 10:09 PM
Originally Posted by genxcraig View Post
I can't possibly think of a faster way than 1 hour and 42 minutes from out of the tutorial to ensign 51 on some of my toons. Oh and by the way. the record still stands at 1 hour 28 minutes out of academy to level 51.

But I really think they mean slowed it during the lower levels, where it was always too fast. Then you had to grind, grind grind through the higher levels to hit the right points.

however, this whole grind2win abortion of an update prompted me to make those extra toons and get them as much geared up as I could, even if that meant spending all the 250 vet emblems if I needed to.
See, that's where I get cognitive dissonance. Really? An hour and three quarters? That's just so alien to my experience. Yes, I hit level cap a lot quicker in this game than in any other -- say, a month or so of moderately steady playing, compared to, say, half a year to hit level cap in CoH (and DO NOT talk to me about FFXI. DO NOT. Frickin' year of teaming four to five hours every night and still got only halfway to level cap....) But... an hour and three quarters? I know you didn't 'sploit to do that, but that's still really flooring to me. Did you do ANY storyline missions?