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11-28-2011, 11:16 PM
Originally Posted by rjc_foxtrot View Post
From "Path to F2P #24"

Faster Leveling The leveling curve has been adjusted through the game, particularly at the earlier levels.
The following is my theory as to why this may have happened (partially at least) :

In the thread titled "Stop the Signal Stopped the Game, Story Chaining glaring weakness on tribble" , Rehpic (a cryptic dev) stated that one way they intend to combat the failure in the episodic chain progression was to :

We have tuned the difficulty of some of the problem encounters, including the one in Stop the Signal. This change will likely be in a patch later this week. Let us know how it works after the change, and if you find any of the other episodes excessively difficult.
In short , their answer to potential bugs in the system is to allow us to sail through missions by making them easy ... -- heck they even ask for recommendations for missions that they can make easier .

After I re-read that post to make sure I did not misunderstand (I was hoping I did ...) , my response was :
"Were this a phone call to a service provider , this would be the point I would ask to talk with a supervisor ."

As I said in the beginning , this is I believe a partial reason for the quote from D'Angelo .
I also agree with a previous poster who said that one of the reasons they may think that VA's are a minority is because so many players have quit at lower levels .