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11-28-2011, 11:35 PM
Originally Posted by maina View Post
They should do the Guild Wars thing, fast to max, All content past that is, gear, vanity and endgame missions/stories.

Lol at posters that say this game is fastest, play some more games....

level 1 to max works well as a learning curve. Put everyone at top and all missions can get more epic and PvP can be balanced (well kinda). Make it all gear and vanity.

Delaying the process to max will sell some ships, but you have the advantage of using the consoles with higher ships, so some profit can be made. Once F2P hits all work on low level should stop.

A casual gamer just plays through the missions we have now and really shouldn't worry about max level. They are having fun, can't use the gear and really why add more for them when they are so casual?
The point is that the devs have said you could reach level cap in 24 hours with help from a few Red Bulls (bullocks, btw). Now they say they are speeding it up.

If there is any consistent message out there, it's that Cryptic doesn't know how to be consistent.

Oxymoronic, no?