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11-29-2011, 12:49 AM
Originally Posted by Aquitaine985 View Post
It wasen't until I read the #19 blog to see that Cryptic was shafting existing players that reach 600 days that I bothered to make a forum post. I like Star Trek, thats why i'm here. If I wanted to play an MMO for the sake of the MMO I sure as hell wouldn't have picked this one. Cryptic have made it clear that KDF Tribble testing is going slowly, give us some content and we will test it, don't repackage existing STFs, chop them up into smaler peices and make us do them 20-30 times before we can get any gear our of it, because thats not "brag-worthy", that "stupidity".

I orginally was going to post a question here asking if we needed to make a new toon on Tribble to be elegable for the doff rewards, but after reading 7 pages of loyal gamers saying/asking the same thing as I was thinking for the last few months, I really can't be bothered to find out anymore.

Fact is Cryptic - If you want players to stay and play your game - make it worthwhile and don't insult us.

Anyone fancy some The Old Republic?
They broke up the STFs because TBH they were too long, especially if you: had to wait for a PUG, then half the PUG would need to leave after each section was done, screwing you over for the remainder of the STF. Look at the TOR raid missions, they are small maps.