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11-29-2011, 11:12 AM
*n before close*

Well TOR... I still believe that game is the main reason for STO going f2p.

I have played it that weekend and have prety mixed feelings...

On the one hand.... the story telling is just amazing.
Playing it never felt like playing an mmo. I never had the urge of reching the next level... just to see how the story goes on.
The Atmosphere is awsome.

But that alone would make it as much a challange for STO as Mass Effect.

But... thats it.
It is "standard" in every regard, even *** had more inovation. WoW with lightsabers.
Classes are 100% cought in their rules, no variation in equipment f.e: A class is depending on spezialisation (wich can not be changed) always the exact same weapon: A Jedi cant switch from 2 lightsabers to a singel one or a dual blade, the smuggler will never use anything but a blaster ect.

Controlls seem sligish and..Costumisation? I didnt expect a second STO in that regard.
But when I played LTRO and *** I always had the issue of disliking the visuals of the clothing with the best stats. Both games got a fuction to use one one Armors visuals while using another one.
You might thing... after that function was requestet obviously in mulitble MMOs that woked exactly the same way... they would bring that function here from the start?
Nope, they didnt.
And that with at parts REALLY awfull looking equipment (Male Sith inquisitors and Jedi couselors are destined to wear womens clothes... all the time... oh they call it "Robes")

So after all.... before the f2p build reached tribble.... I would have said "sto is still the far superior game". I would have played TOR for the story once, but as a side game and wouldnt have unsuscribet STO even a day for it.
With the upcoming f2p changes I'll switsh to there anyway, not because TOR is better, just becuase STO is going to be unplayable.