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11-29-2011, 11:14 AM
I use CRF3 & THY3 like I do on all my escorts right now (I used to be big on BO3 with APO3 & CRF2, but no longer). I run APO1 as well to escape the tractors. And currently, because my eng/defiant spends so much time in kerrat, I run PH1 as well so that I have a backup to escape tractors when APO1 is on cool down because of my use of APB1.

Overall it's:
PH1, TSS2 (With ST1 & HE1 sometimes switched out for PH1)
ET1, EPtS2

I almost want EPtS1 as well in place of ET1, like I have for my other toons' escorts, but I have to put points in Hull Repair anyway for other engie abilities, and it's nice to have a hull heal, as I'm not always running HE (nor am I specced in it). We'll see what happens with the new skill tree. Really though, two EPtS's are unnecessary because of RSF.

Yeah, I see lots of engineers (most notably in cruisers) running EPS & Nadion simultaneously. They're so similar that I do not see the point in that. Engies tank more than burst, so it makes more sense to me to stagger them, in spite of being in an escort.

I don't do STFs, so I make do with the Aegis set (like I do with all my ships). Max capacity of shields is so low for the defiant compared to cruisers that I'd rather have the extra alpha protection from a covariant (in spite of their nerf a couple months back).