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11-29-2011, 11:49 AM
played the beta this weekend...

i wasn't overly impressed

it's fun but it's not worth $15 to me...

i had one repeatable crash (end of first flashpoint, and i wasn't the only one)
a pixel error (there is a bright orange fixed pixel on the screen that never goes away, once you've seen it you can't look away anymore)
and 2 quests that were just broken and could not be finished.

the graphics...
lets just say the graphics will not make me want to buy this game... and STO just looks better.

i did not like that in the whole time i played i did not find a single Helmet (i was on the 2nd planet already and a lvl 15 Bounty Hunter... in 2 days... but no Helmet anywhere, not on me, not on any other Players... that sux, i want my Helmet.... it's raining... my hair gets wet...)

the armor that i had made me look like a clown most of the time...
and every other Bounty Hunter had more or less the same armor pieces that if found myself...

the good about it is the *open world* you constantly run into other players, see them do their thing, sometimes you team up for a quest or two and move on (just because you see that other guy is doing the same thing as you), and i was playing a "Flashpoint" (which is something like a STF maybe?) on level 10 already together with other players... -> feels much more like an MMO

that was a bit more fun than STO's singleplayer missions all the time...
but in the end i would not want to trade.

give me some proper open world planets and a bunch of good voice overs for STO and i'm happy with STO as it is... just... add more content ASAP plz.

quest bugs (show stoppers)
no anti aliasing option
at the end of beta does not say quality product to me, but rather rushed development...

this all feels very familiar,
where have i seen this pattern before?
oh right... every other MMO i ever played.

first sell the most expensive Pre Order Retail Box you can justify with an unfinished and unpolished Product, then suck out the Subscription market for one or two years and when the Retail Box is cheaper then the subscription change to F2P.