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11-29-2011, 12:01 PM
Originally Posted by Hardheaded
So if we upgrade our Officers by training and Promoting them, then I canít use them in the station I trained them for.
I must be doing something wrong, However if I could add a consol to my ship then I would be able to use the trained Officer?
Iím thinking that if I could use (1) Cmdr / Lieutenant in a Science station, (1) LtComdr / Lieutenant in Engineering, another
(1) Lt and Ensign in Tactical. Or be able to change them around, This would allow you to use additional consol?
Or have I got this all wrong?
You can use your officers in any tier station, depending on their rank though they may have to many abilities for that station (meaning you just won't have access to the higher tier abilities) or they may have to few abilities (if you didn't rank them up, this would just mean one of the ability slots is left blank until an officer of the appropriate level fills it with whatever BO skill they have open at their rank).

Think of it this way, you have a 4 different cups with measuring notches on the sides. The first has one notch, the second two, the third three and the fourth has four.

Now you have enough water to start the first cup filled to it's notch, but it only halfway fills the second cup. You can still put the water in the second cup or the third or fourth, but it will only fill to the first notch in any of the cups. Conversely, you could take a full 4 notch cup and put it into the one notch cup, it fits but doesn't make any use of it's extra water.

Bridge officers are along the same lines, the higher the rank or the lower the rank only matters when they are in certain stations, and what abilities they can use in them. The lower rank stations are the one or two notched cups, they can be filled by any amount, but they are optimal when used with an officer of the appropriate tier.

I know, I rambled and made it seem complicated. It's not, play around with it and you'll see.