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so i'm a RA tac using a nebula and tanks is not a problem but i need advice on dealing more damage to my target. this is my first time endgame build so any and all advice are welcome

weapons fore: phaser beam array, turret, quantum torp
Weapons aft: phaser beam array, turret, quantum torp

running full AEGIS set

engineering: ablative armor, field gen, shield emitter amp
Science: Bio monitor, induction stabilizer, halon system
tactical: zero point quantum chamber, directed energy distibution manifold

BO stations-----
LT. universal: EPtA1, EPtS2
LT. tactical: spead1, fire at will2
LT. commander engineering: EPtS1, EPtA2, auxiliary power to stuctural integrity2
Ensign Sci: TSS1
Commander Sci: hazard1, polarize hull2, tractor beam repulsors2, gravity well2