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11-29-2011, 01:46 PM
phew so let me just preface this by saying that Tac in a Nebula isn't really great for pvp. Not much to be done about it, imo. If you want to do damage fly escort!

however, i love the nebula so here is my take on what you posted:
I wouldn't mix turrets and beams. just a waste of broadsiding DPS, and SP.

Given that many Sci powers have a frontal arc, use one Dual beam bank ( or single depending on your style and likes), one torp, and one beam up front.

in the back either all single beams. or two singles and a torp

Team oriented

Alternatively, run a trop boat with high aux (recommended) one single beam bank (phaser, or disruptor) front and back (for your target subsystem powers) front 2x quantums, and back 2x chroniton mines.

switch to borg set

eng is ok
sci: drop the bio-monitor, fill with whatever fits your offensive Sci power (in your case GW)
Tac. Borg console (!), and quantum dmg increaser/phaser dmg depending on team or pug build


Tac: tac team, TS2 (team) / FAW2 (pug)
Eng: Epts1, Extend shields1, Aux2Sif2
Sci: Tb1, He2, SS2, GW3
Sci: Ph1 (if you scared of tractors), other wise ST1 against sub nuces ( recommended)

U-Eng: Epts1, Aux@damp /EptW2/ whatever you like

you can also try to use a universal TAC BO, I might post on that later.
In short, you don't do much dmg in the Nebula, thats not your purpose. Try to be good at crowd control, and healing. Using an universal Eng BO makes you very tanky

hope this helps