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11-29-2011, 01:00 PM
Well, I can honestly say I'll be sticking to STO. Now before you call me presumptuous, let me explain.

I participated in the most recent Beta Testing Weekend, and it was rather terrible. Yes, it is a Beta, but it is a late Beta, and should be more polished.

Getting past all the bugs, and unpolished feel of the game, I have another problem with it. It is World of ********, with a different skin. No, I'm not joking. I used to play World of ********, and ToR screams of being a WoW clone SO MUCH. It feels like I'm playing World of ********, but with Lightsabers.

Now you might say, "But World of ******** was successful, why not copy its success?"

Well, that's the problem. I've PLAYED World of ********. I don't need to play it a second time. And I think that many of those folks who think they'll be leaving World of ******** for NEW AND EXCITING ADVENTURES in the OLD REPUBLIC are sadly mistaken. They'll find that it feels just like WoW. In the first several hours of the game, I had already done 10+ "Go here, kill these, come back" missions.

It's just... boring to me. Now... STO has had a content drought for a year+ now, but I am holding out some hope that it will recover from this in February, with the new Featured Episodes, and hopefully some Klingon Content, because I sure as hell don't plan on going to ToR, or God forbid, back to WoW.