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11-29-2011, 01:39 PM
Originally Posted by LordOfPit View Post
You do realize that what you just said means that anyone can just download the STO client, play the entire game and level up their character from Lv1 to max-level without actually grinding or buying anything from the C-Store and then either decide to put some coin in the box, or just leave?

That's a wonderful proposition Cryptic is putting on the table for any casual gamer!
Can I posit a possible motive and get some feedback?
What is the possibility Cryptic is creating the fast low level pace to create a false expectation in the higher ranks? new players zoom through low levels and upon hitting commander their progress slows considerably. Thus making them feel as if they need better ships, and gear to compete and get through high end content, so off to the c-store they go to buy ships and c points then to the dilithium exchange to start buying high end weapons? ..... Nah they wouldn't be doing that would they