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11-29-2011, 01:52 PM
I think the real difference is...well a... difference. I played Warhammer for a while and loved the territorial fighting where PvP actually meant something, I played WoW like everyone else did and Asherons call, and Galaxies etc etc etc...but they all had certain things in common. I was one guy, that ran around, getting stuff, killing stuff, gathering stuff repeat.

In STO I am the Captain. It is my Ship, with MY crew flying through space. True I go places, i kill stuff, i occasionally escort helpless idiots. But my ship, my Captain looks NOTHING like anyone else. I have two entities, a unique Captain a somewhat Unique Ship with a skill set that i can tweak to my playing style and my goals.

i just felt like other than a light saber, and some (admittedly really nifty) force was just another MMO with a (yes I said it before) a character that looked like the guy next to me....which by the way I found an NPC that looked exactly like my Sith warrior. That is not a problem that i run into in the STO universe.

I may stray to SWTOR because I am a geek and I've just got to scratch that itch, but I know I have a Starship with my name on it waiting for me in Space Dock with my nice comfy chair on the bridge.