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11-29-2011, 02:30 PM
Originally Posted by tom_riker01 View Post
Personally, I would just be content with the ability to upgrade bridge officer stations. Look at the TOS Constitution. 3 Ensign slots across the board. I'm perfectly fine with the ship's weapons, console, and device slots remaining the same. I'm even content with the number of Bridge Officer stations remaining the same. However, I would like the ability to upgrade the bridge stations so I can have 1 Cmdr, 1 LtCmdr and 1 Lt station.

Before anyone complains, note that I do NOT have 5 bridge officer stations, only 3 thus limiting my options. And a Sovereign-class sports 4 front and 4 rear weap slots to the Constitution's 2 front and 1 rear, so the Constitution is not overpowered by anymeans, and she still remains "outclassed" by the superior Sovereign.

At least, that's how I would upgrade the ships were the choice up to me.

Ok i will setlel for that,can we ask for station upgrades? so when we promote our Officers we can up grade the station consols