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11-29-2011, 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by Suricata View Post
In before close

But SW:ToR rocks, it's sad playing that game and realising just how much content and polish STO is lacking.

I'm laying down my Starfleet issue phaser and donning a lightsabre when Dec 15th hits (got my preorder early access) :-)
I liked it for the voice acting, but polish? I didn't see much in the way of polish.

The world graphics are pretty good, with deep draw distances and lots of detail. Why they did that for the scenery and not the player characters is a bit of a mystery. Everybody looked the same. And the player toon level of detail was pretty plain.

And what is with the emphasis on tight fitting clothes on everybody? I don't need to know if my toon hangs left or right. We're close, but we aren't that close.

And my female sith inquisitor had a badonka-donk butt. I'm not kidding - I could have set drinks down on her butt and used it like a shelf.

I'll take my silly STO female I-Hate-You-Daddy run style over the Sir Mix-A-Lot female TOR toon anyday.

Really, other then the voice acting, wasn't anything to write home about.