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11-29-2011, 02:46 PM
Also got an invite to the beta testing, played it yesterday. The ground system is fine, it's smooth, the story telling is fine, the voice acting is fine. But the rest of it felt generic, it felt like any Bioware game outside of the MMO angle.

I prefer space combat, so I'll be sticking with STO. And I didn't like the lacking character creation of SWTOR, the options were so few compared to STO.

It is nice that your character in SWTOR gets a voice, but it doesn't make it anything beyond what Bioware have already done with Mass Effect and other games they've made.
Also I'm used to STO'S controls now, SWTOR felt awkward.

SWTOR is alright, nothing truly special and it doesn't really offer anything new in many areas, it's just alright.
But I'm more of a Trek fan than Wars, and I enjoy the space combat of STO.

Flying a Galaxy class ship or an Intrepid class is just so much fun.