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11-29-2011, 03:58 PM
Originally Posted by monkeydude1969
Anyone else get this today? I have 3GB of memory and an Nvida 8400Gs with 1.25 GB of total video memory along with an AMD athlon 64 dual core running at a respectable 2.10 gig. I have been able to run STO at a perfectly decent resolution for months and then this little box popped up today suggesting my computer was to weedy to run it??

Unless they have upped the specs by some considerable rate that you now need a monster Alienware to run STO basically wth?
You have an older Nvida card - with the way Nvidia card number worked for those cards, an 8400GS is WAY below the processing power of a 7800GT.

8XXX - means the card is DX10 compatible
X400 - meanss the card is pretty much good for general office apps (like MS-Word)

X600 or above (IE X800) was the minimum required for 3D games.

Now, this doesn't mean STO won't run for you; BUT, your system is in fact below the minimum specs for the game as it stands. And if you don't believe me as to Nvidia's old numbering scheme - google it - it cause a lot of consternation as p[eople thougght they had purchased gaming video cards because theoverall number was higher; but it wasn't the case.