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11-29-2011, 05:37 PM
i really enjoyed the story of my inquisitor, and when i finally got a cowl on my robe i was happy. the storyline i was in was too...non-sith. my master was waaaay too nice, hell, i was even attracted to her. the lightside choices i made really didnt have any consequences-and there should have been. i tried space combat twice, failed and didnt like it. i suspect they were going off the old star wars arcade game you always saw at the front of those places, which looked pretty awesome during that time. i felt it was too much like wow and i expect the same problems would arise during the endgame which really turned me off to that game-mainly that there are only one way to play your character/spec, and if you dont do that, you wont get invited to end game content.

pros: storylines, voice acting, crafting system(though very similar to doffs)
cons: rail space combat, lack of visual and ability character customization, visual ship customization, probably crew customization...but didnt get that far

overall: not worth the money per month, the initial buy is worth the storyline...just like the kotors