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11-29-2011, 05:51 PM
I was also part of the recent beta weekend. I had a blast and enjoyed every moment of the story and content. I quite liked the space combat and completed as many as I had access to. To compare TOR space combat to STO. TOR is on a roller coaster where as STO is in a hallway.

The city planets seem quite enclosed but planets like Taris are quite open, once you realize you're walking through the ruined foundations of a city planet.

And lastly the combat mechanics and basic key bindings were very similar to WoW, apart from that the game doesn't really have much in common with WoW.

As to the quest of if the game is worth the $15 per month, that will depend on Bioware's ability to deliver content. I don't expect Bioware to pull a "Cryptic". I plan on buying a 6 month sub to TOR and enjoy every moment I can.