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11-29-2011, 06:53 PM
Originally Posted by Quiiliitiila
Because there has to be some sort of give and take with any up-grades that get added. If I were to buy 2 or 3 more consoles or BO stations then my ship would be much more powerful than any other ship (unless someone else bought more :^D). So in order to balance it something would have to go. Perhaps less BO stations for more consoles, or visa versa. Less maneuverability for more power, or whatnot.

exactly. its all a balancing act. which is what i feel would go nicely with players if this was allowed. a player could arm their nova and have it geared for speed at the cost of weapons, or have a star cruiser be rigged for more shield strength over hull strength. again, however, to do such a thing would have to have a complete overhaul of the currant system, something i doubt cryptic is going to want to do any time soon