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11-29-2011, 07:52 PM
I got the chance to test TOR out a couple of months ago, but regretably I didn't have alot of spare time on my hands that weekend, so solo questing level 7 only was it...

My initial impression was that the gameplay is very generic as MMOs go, but also very solid and enjoyable. I'm all for innovation, but why fix what isn't broken in a proven formula? The visuals, other than map design did not impress me, mostly because of very low resolution textures, particularly on the character models... Where the game really shined above and beyond for me was the story, and it's presentation, which immediately offered a far more immersive experience than any other MMO I've played before. Nothing comes close to it in this department.

I had plenty of time to invest this past weekend, with a bad cold and a 4 day weekend on my hands. I progressed much further this time around, and participated in many team missions, including the Flashpoint: Black Talon which is probably the most enjoyable and well crafted "dungeon" I have ever experienced. It was so good that I decided to drop everything and repeat it around 10 times back to back in an effort to get some shiny gear. After 7.5 runs, and some terrible luck with players who obviously had no idea how to use a Need or Greed loot system, I finally got a rare dark robe and lightsaber. This is where Bioware (And Cryptic, while we're at it...) should take notes from Trion. I LOVE Rift's Need or Greed loot system, as it basically disables the 'Need' button for ANY player who can't actually USE the dropped item. This should be standard in any MMO. Period. Repeatedly losing rolls on shiny lightsabers to Imperial Agents and Bounty Hunters is beyond frustrating.

Moving on, after outleveling the story content available to me by a longshot via this excellent Flashpoint, I pressed on to more impressive locales and immersive stories, eventually leading to my own ship. I loved everything about this feature, except for the space combat. Not suprisingly, it's very "Meh..." and reminded me of playing the Rebel Assault FMV games so many years ago. It is a nice, arcadey diversion for a change of pace, but there is very little depth here and I dont see myself pouring much time into it whatsoever. The worst thing about this is the extremely jerky player ship movement. More Rebel Assault memories arise from that...

Overrall, I've been very impressed with my testing time, and I eagerly anticipate the headstart next month. I was initially very skeptical about this game, and I didn't plan on diving in, but I can't resist after what I've sampled. Bioware has created a very rich Star Wars experience that will provide me many, many hours of enthralling entertainment in a full fledged MMO that doesn't sacrifice the presentation that could previously only be found in single player games.

Pros: Great stories and stellar presentation that really make you feel like you are part of a genuine Star Wars adventure. Excellent voiceovers & conversations that actually effect outcomes. Time tested and proven gameplay formula. Good Teamplay. Interesting classes and lots of choices within each offering. Beautiful, and plentiful maps that feel 'natural' and offer alot to explore (which yields rewards, too).

Cons: Very bland textures on character models. Not innovative at all when it comes to core gameplay mechanics. Lackluster rail shooter space combat could/should have been left out in favor of a more substantial addition post launch.

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Classes are 100% cought in their rules, no variation in equipment f.e: A class is depending on spezialisation (wich can not be changed) always the exact same weapon: A Jedi cant switch from 2 lightsabers to a singel one or a dual blade, the smuggler will never use anything but a blaster ect.
You can respec, unless you are referring to the advanced class choice. A character capable of dual wielding can ALWAYS switch from 2 weapons to one, but why would you sacrifice the damage?