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11-29-2011, 08:02 PM
Originally Posted by boglejam View Post
That might be workable then, but in general the learning curve in Eve is brutal. STO might go a little too far in the other direction, but there is something to be said for attracting the largest possible playerbase.
Isn't the problem with Eve that due to it's skill learning system that it's impossible for new players to get an even footing with veterans? Mission-based experience points and a level cap would solve that. But I'd have no objection to any myriad of different ship load-outs for mining, hauling, combat (PvE and PvP), even racing perhaps?

The challenge is making it accessible so that anyone can pick up and play, but also complicated enough that the hardcore find a reason to stay. Different spheres of gameplay (combat, exploration, diplomacy, mining - all integral parts of Star Trek's universe really) should not necessarily have any impact on each others' levels of intricacy.