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11-29-2011, 10:55 PM
Originally Posted by Suricata View Post
I don't think custoerms are going to be stupid enough to buy all of the lower level C-store ships if they are leveling so quickly

Ah , but they might be stupid enough to buy SOME ships .
Example : No matter how fast I go through the first level -- I would have purchased the TOS Constitution ship .
Why ?
Because I personally believe that this is my only chance to fly/play with such a ship for a looooooong time (if ever) .
(because the 60's Trek is just not "cool" enough to ever get it's own game -- and no , don't confuse cool with iconic .)

To me it would of made much more sense to slow down the level progression to try and milk the consumer for more C-store purchases
Actually what would have made sense is to add more content (missions) to the lower levels , AND THEN speed up the game (so the leveling would have gotten to be just a bit faster , not a whole lot faster) .
Instead they choose to go the easy way and "tweak" the existing content .
I'm sure that they imagine that once F2p goes live and once they put some effort into the Klingons / PVP (and/or FE's) that they will eventually go back and ad missions to the lower Tiers , but that's just the same thinking they had about the Klingons , when they decided to make them a "faction" .