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11-29-2011, 11:13 PM
Originally Posted by dvsaris View Post
We have to remember... they want this game to be entertaining for the casual player. Having missions that are "unbeatable" for casual gamers who have zero understanding of the more advanced mechanics and are honestly just here for a good time isn't exactly a great way to make sure those people stick around.
Dude , no offense intended , but I have played facebook games that were tougher than most of STO (STF's not included) .
I did not cry when I lost , I just tried harder .

STO has a basic game speed progression to all 3 careers :

Tac's progress faster but they take damage and die sometimes .
Sci's are the slowest progression (low power , low hull)
Eng's are the "middle road" .

I tend to think that most ppl try out the Tac. profession first and judge the game's "dificulty" based on that .
And that's not fair ... as you do get your *** handed to you more often when you play as a Tac for the first time and zoom in at full impulse into combat .