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11-30-2011, 12:27 AM
Originally Posted by Darren_Kitlor
Not quite. Cryptic really borked the leveling progression as I remember nearly universal complaints about how fast Captain goes by during the early days of the games while the lowest tier was a worse grind.

The quote in the OP is saying that leveling in the lower ranges is speeding up. This doesn't mean the entire game is--just a rank. The net (to--level-cap) time might be longer still. These concepts are not incompatible.

The leveling experience after that is going to still slow down, particularly since appropriate tiered ships and gear are soft-locked behind higher costs via dilithium. thus both what D'Angelo said (speaking generally) and what the quote says (speaking specifically about the lowest tier) can be true at once. They're not mutually exclusive.

This actually seems like a good idea as the early game was always too slow (especially till LtCmdr--when content opened) but the rest of the game flew by too quickly.
I agree with your well thought-out assessment.

You clearly point out the two statements are of different context while explaining the benefit of the new system from your point of view.

However, what do you think would be the downside to this leveling approach?