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11-30-2011, 12:33 AM
Originally Posted by fadamsxii View Post
From what Ive noticed, STO pretty much IS Nerf World in that regard. Here me out, go jump off the upper promenade at DS9, what's the damage? Like what? -38?

In the real world, you'd break (at the least) a leg. You'd most likely break your neck or bust open your skull when your head hit the concrete.

I really dont think you could be that realistic though, it wouldnt be fun, and thats the idea after all.
Thats due to the inertial dampeners in the soles of your shoes/boots. Also the seam stabilizers in the clothing to prevent skull breakage. I'm still heartbroken over the change to tachyon beam I was like ok being able to spec a resistance to it was ok but nerfing the deflectors power for it and cutting the pulses in half makes it almost not worth it being a high yield 3 quantum or photon can do that.