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11-30-2011, 01:51 AM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Total # of wins or win/loss ratio would be a decent way to get some match-making. Ratio may be "fairest" once you have a certain amount of total matches accrued, but even total wins can do okay, I think. The really good players will inevitably reach very high numbers here, so that the typical casual PvPer will not be close. And if you somehow manage to have 1000 wins and 10,000 losses and are fighting TSI with 1000 wins and 500 losses, well, that just sounds unlikely.
Match wins? Hmmn, this may be the rare event when you didn't think one through MustrumRidcully. If you go by match wins, then pug players will all suck and premade players will all be great. While there may be some correlation between how good you are and how likely you are to play in premades, any player looking to advance on the leader board for matches will have to avoid all pugs, just so he doesn't get paired with newbies.

I think Roach has it right. The only way to do a decent leaderboard for STO would be to include all sorts of combinations for comparison. Tracking the kind of data necessary may be more of a technical hurdle than we think.