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11-30-2011, 03:25 AM
Just like many other people on here, I also played TOR's beta weekend. A lot of what has already been said I agree with.

It is very pretty, and I quite like the cartoony approach to the graphics. The voice acting and overall storyline (for the Inquisitor class at least) was brilliant, and some of the dialogue options had me in fits of laughter. That said, I expect this kind of thing in a Bioware game, and they had done something very similar in Mass Effect 2, so it was no real problem for them to import it into TOR.

Their crew skills system, or crafting, is a lot like STO's DOff system, only a lot simpler. If I had to decide between the two systems, I'd go with the DOffs any time. Much more interesting. The crafting side of crew skills reminded me of WoW's crafting system. Very few useful items at low level, just stuff to grind until you max the skill.

Speaking of WoW, TOR's entire ground based gameplay may as well be a direct import of WoW, they are that similar. This was one of the more disappointing things in TOR I felt. They could have at least done something to make it feel different.

TOR's space combat has guaranteed that even after F2P hits STO, they will still get my subscription money. The world's most expensive MMO to date, in the Star Wars universe no less, and the best they can do is a tunnel shooter. What a pile of ****. Like everything else, it is very pretty, but space gameplay is utter ****.

Pros: VO, dialogue, storylines.
Cons: It's WoW in space, crafting, "space" combat, few character customisation options.

Yeah, I'll get it at some point, but I'm in no real rush for it.