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11-30-2011, 08:16 AM
I think I have a possible non canon for the Cruiser with Sci.
Though it'll involve a little imagination on your part, I only had about a weeks worth of 3D Modeling experience and it isn't textured.

I think I based it on a combination of the Sovereign and Intrepid classes. I loved the Intrepid's thin/long saucer but liked the largerness of the Sovereign's main hull and nacelles.
Also the saucer has a backup/secondary deflector dish, not sure if you can tell.

So anyway, it's an old design I came up with a few years back, but I think it fits since it's a Sci/Cruiser hybrid to begin with. If I was any better at 3D I'd redo it for you, but I haven't really touched it since.