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# 3 Advice from a Nebula Vet
11-30-2011, 10:15 AM
I agree completely with havam in that you are fighting against the grain by captaining a Nebula with a tactical... my favorite combination for the Nebula is an engineer (several of the engineer abilities work well to support the Neb's massive shields). However, if you can think outside of the box and make it work, there is something to be said about having a *very* unique build like tac in a Neb.

I also agree with havam in that you should drop the bio monitor console (it doesn't do anything at present). I would lose the shield regeneration engineering console for some neutronium armor. Just make sure you DO have the console that gives you 35% more shield hit points.

Your thinking is in line with what the Nebula can do by mounting a turret up front. The turn radius is so low that much of the time you find your enemies to your sides or behind you, and having a turret mounted up front does help with adding some damage. For a very long time I mounted 3 beams aft and 2 turrets fore, and had a blast kiting people around in cap and hold missions. It's a very sound tactic to take 2 or 3 enemy ships off of the flags and tank them for long periods of time.

However, I have a very "outside the box" suggestion for a nebula build that I'd like to push forward now. Mind you, I have no idea if it would work... I'm really only qualified to speak to a tanking/healing nebula build or a BoP alpha strike build, but what if you try and combine those two? It's a little crazy, but consider...


Comm. Sci. : TB1, HE2, TSS3, CPB3
Ens. Sci. : Mask Energy Signature 1 (run with high Aux., this would be your "cloak")

Eng. Lt. Comm. : Your choosing. I would recommend EptE1 (So you can escape more easily) and Aux. to Structural 1 (I keep it on a hot key under my pinky to constantly top off my hull strength)

Lt. Comm. Tac. : TT1, CRF1
Universal Tactical: THY1, APB1

So... here is the thinking.

Mount a dual beam, a single cannon, and your quantum launcher fore... then 3 turrets aft. Make sure you use 2 tactical consoles to increase the damage of whatever type of energy weapon you choose.

You use mask energy signature to keep your enemies from seeing you until you are ready to strike. As you close to 10 km, you would be stacking; Beam Target Engines (or shields), Torpedo High Yield, Go Down Fighting, Tactical Fleet, Attack Pattern Alpha, Tactical Initiative...

Then, once you hit 5 km; quickly pop Attack Pattern Beta, Cannon Rapid Fire, snare your target in the tractor beam and hit your charge particle burst, then unload all your weapons on him.

Could this work? Maybe.... it's a long shot though. Of course it makes much more sense to try and alpha strike with a tac escort or even a dreadnought. But, how silly will your opponents feel if they get alpha'd by a big Nebula!? Would be a *very* unique build. I really love the Neb.... good luck with it!